Artefacts found in the Research Centre

Original artefacts that can be found in the Ellen G. White Research Centre at Avondale University.

  • Ellen White's original letters: We have about 25 original letters Ellen White wrote while in Australia.
  • James White antique office clock: over 100 years old, this clock was given to Robert Conley by Ellen White, wife of James White when she was leaving Australia. The clock is called the “Eight Day and One Day Calendar Clock. It was manufactured by Welch, Spring, and Co and patented in 1868.
  • Wood and nail picture of Ellen White: this wood is from the home of Ellen Harmon (White) which burned to the ground in 1971. The nail is from the home and is handmade.
  • Wood: this piece of wood is from William Miller's Farm in Low Hampton, New York.
  • Wood: this piece of wood is from the home of James & Ellen White, Wood St, Battle Creek.
  • Rock: this rock is from William Millers Farm Low Hampton, New York.
  • Stone: sample of the stone from the railway cutting- James White.
  • Certificate: Ellen G. White’s Credentials. This Certificate was presented to Ellen White on December 6, 1885, in Battle Creek. It certified that she was an Ordained Minister.
  • Nails: These nails are from the birthplace of Ellen G. White, Gorham Maine.
  • Nails: These nails are from Edson’s Barn.

Other Interesting Material:

  • Antique EGW books
  • Framed pictures containing information on: “The first Seventh Day Adventist church”, William Millers' home, James and Ellen White’s Home, Hiram Edison Barn, Bucks Bridge.
  • A large mural painting of the South Pacific Adventist Heritage.
  • Large Hand-knitted Battle Creek Heritage mural.
  • Pictures of all the Early Pioneers.
  • Replica of the 8 ½ kg (18 ½ pound) bible Ellen White held in her vision at arm’s length for around ½ hour - printed in 1822.
  • Pictures of Ellen White and family
  • Illustrations including Ellen's vision, " The Christ of the Narrow Way"