Past Directors


Arthur N. Patrick, 1976-1983

Arthur N. Patrick (1976 – 1983). BA, MA, M.Div., D.Min., M.Lit., Ph.D.

Arthur was the founding director of the Research Centre when it opened in 1976. He graduated from Avondale in 1956 as a primary teacher, and in 1957 with his BA Theology degree. After serving as a minister in New Zealand he continued his education at Andrews University in Michigan completing his MA and M.Div. He then completed his D.Min at the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis and was appointed as a lecturer in the Theology Department at Avondale College. It was from here that he became the inaugural director of the Research Centre when it was setup in 1976.

Eleanor M. Scale, 1984-1991

Eleanor M. Scale (1984 – 1991)

Eleanor trained as a School Dentist in New Zealand and was attached to several schools caring for the dental needs of students. She came to Avondale in 1960 and then worked at the Voice of Prophecy and then as Receptionist in the Division office at Wahroonga.  She was appointed to India as Dean of Girls at the Vincent Hill School, Mussoorie in 1963 and as Dean of Women at Avondale College from 1968 to 1969.  She then returned to her career in dentistry before working as Secretary for Arthur Patrick in the Ellen G. White/SDA Research Centre at Avondale College when it was opened in 1976.  Eleanor was appointed as Director of the Research Centre in 1984 and remained there until she retired in 1992.

Allan G. Lindsay, 1992-2001

Allan G. Lindsay (1992 – 2001) EdD.


Lester D. Devine, 2001-2005

Lester D. Devine (2001 – 2005) BA, MA., EdS., EdD.

Originally trained as a secondary history teacher, a career long Adventist educator, Lester Devine, Ed.D., has taught at elementary, secondary and higher education levels and spent more than three decades in elected educational leadership positions in two divisions of the world Church, NAD (1969-1982) and SPD (1982-2005). He completed his forty years of denominational service with a term as director of the Ellen G. White/Adventist Research Centre at Avondale University College in Australia where his life-long hobby of learning and presenting on Adventist heritage issues became his vocation.

John A. Skrzypaszek, 2005-2020

John A. Skrzypaszek (2005 – 2020). BA., MA., D.Min

John continues to be involved as an adjunct senior lecturer at Avondale University, focusing on research and writing. He has authored several book chapters, peer-reviewed papers and general articles, and presented at academic conferences in America, Europe and Australia. He also served the church as a Ministerial Secretary, Personal Ministries director and in pastoral evangelistic ministry. John takes a keen interest in heritage, spirituality, identity and cultural studies. His research explores the relevance of heritage for life's journey in the 21st century. He is married to Brenda and has two sons, Raphael and Luke. He enjoys golf and sharing practical jokes.

Administrative Assistant


Marian De Berg, 1989-2018

Marian De Berg 1989-2018

Marian was the Administrative Assistant working at the Ellen G. White/SDA Research Centre for 29 years.  During her time at the Research Centre Marian saw four Directors come and go. This extensive time at the Centre, allowed Marian to read through much of Ellen White's correspondence and manuscripts.  In addition Marian was actively involved in various ways with "Sunnyside," the home of Ellen White here in Cooranbong, Australia. She would conduct tours and organise volunteers to help with "Sunnyside." Marian's extensive knowledge of the life of Ellen White, The Early Pioneers, and her flair for writing did not go unnoticed by John Skrzypaszek, Director of the Research Centre at the time, and her husband Kevin, both of whom encouraged Marian to write a book. Marian took that advice and went on to write "Stories from Sunnyside."  It is a captivating book that tells the real stories of Ellen White's time in Australia. Her 29 years of service will always be remembered and valued.